L’ Aoubré, France (Nature Park)

Rémy Roseau, with a background in agronomy and ecology, realized his dream at the age of 50 by creating a forest leisure park on his family land. His passion for ecotourism is driven by the desire to educate visitors about ecosystems and environmental protection. His entrepreneurial journey was marked by resilience, adapting to challenges, and embracing a positive mindset, all while fostering unique, eco-conscious experiences. Rémy’s advice for ecotourism ventures: careful planning, financial readiness, and staying open to opportunities in the industry for a meaningful ecological transition.

When Mountaineers Perceive their Harm to Biodiversity


An article about practical actions for park authorities to reduce the impact of mountain sports on biodiversity: using emotional images and videos of frightened wildlife to raise awareness, tailoring interventions based on participants’ levels and engagement, and enhancing the ecological and biodiversity training of mountain professionals:

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Parcours Velo Patrimoine

The event, organised by Plaine Commune, is a fun and sporting way of discovering the nine towns and cities of Seine-Saint-Denis through cycling routes and showcasing the local heritage.