A Community of Great Minds, Knowledge and Experiences

The GRASSROOTS Knowledge Exchange Platform brings together GRASSROOTS youth, eco-health entrepreneurs, educators, youth workers, local support agencies, researchers, wider groups, and communities to exchange ideas, training, workshops, knowledge, evidence, and expertise in eco-health tourism, sport, food, culture, environmental and other eco-health activities. GRASSROOTS Knowledge Exchange incorporates virtual talks, videos, interviews, case studies, reports, research articles, networks, podcasts, news…and more.

This section is important to the project because knowledge exchange is highly valuable and widely recognized, especially by youth and those who support youth. Demonstrating engagement with other complementary stakeholders such as experts and support agencies can be understood and witnessed in this section as a requirement and need for almost any young person seeking support. It is also crucial that the rest of Europe gets to take part and experience what youth and those who support youth have to offer.