Food Fight

Our Food Fight podcast explores the major challenges facing the food system and the innovations and entrepreneurs looking to solve them.

Podcast Episode – The Role of Youth in Transforming the Food System

It’s been over a year since our FutureFoodMakers released their #MenuForChange – six clear action points the sector needs to address for a sustainable food system. For the last episode of series 4, we checked in with Júlia Montoliu and Chloé Dorin (two of our youth food system representatives) to hear about their journey so far and plans for prompting a positive change in our food system.

FutureFoodMakers’ #MenuForChange demands represent the priorities of the younger generation, who are conscious of the impact of their consumption choices on the environment and health.

Youth-led organizations like FutureFoodMakers are playing a critical role in raising awareness and driving change towards a more sustainable food system. As more young people become involved, the movement for sustainability is gaining momentum and influencing policies and practices across the food industry.

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