Exploring Lyons Festival of Engaging Travel

Exploring New Horizons: Lyon’s Festival of Engaging Travel 

In the heart of Lyon, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere, a unique celebration is taking place that is redefining the way we embark on adventures. The Festival On the Green road is an event that offers a fresh perspective on the art of exploration and wanderlust.

Discovering the Festival 

The Festival, as reported by Pioche Mag, is a remarkable event that stands out in Lyon’s festival scene. This gathering, dedicated to the spirit of adventure, goes beyond the conventional notions of travel. It’s an occasion that emphasizes not only the act of venturing into new territories but also the deeper connection between travelers and the places they visit.

Engaging in a New Way of Traveling 

The festival’s unique approach is to explore the concept of “engaged travel.” Engaged travel is more than just a physical journey; it’s a mindset, a conscious effort to connect with the world in a meaningful way. It’s about understanding the places we visit, respecting their culture, and making a positive impact on the destinations we explore.

Lyon’s Festivalencourages travelers to be more than tourists—it beckons them to be global citizens. It inspires participants to venture out with a heightened sense of awareness, respect for local traditions, and a commitment to sustainability.

The Festival Experience 

As attendees immerse themselves in the festival, they are exposed to a wide range of activities and experiences. From thought-provoking panel discussions on responsible travel to inspiring workshops on eco-friendly exploration, the festival offers a rich tapestry of ideas and insights for travelers of all backgrounds.One of the festival’s most remarkable aspects is its community of like-minded adventurers. Here, you can connect with fellow travelers who share your passion for meaningful experiences and sustainable travel.

Exploring a New Way to See the World : the Grassroots eco-health project’s mission 

The Festival is a testament to the changing landscape of travel. It signifies a shift towards more responsible and conscious exploration. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, the festival reminds us of our collective responsibility to protect and preserve the beautiful places we visit : a healthy environment for a healthy tourism.

So, if you’re seeking to redefine your approach to travel and are eager to embark on journeys that enrich not just your life but the lives of others and the world itself, being part of a community of travelers committed to making a difference, one adventure at a time, as this festival does, join the Grassroots eco-health tourism movement!

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Source: https://piochemag.fr/a-lyon-le-festival-du-voyage-engage-explore-les-nouvelles-manieres-de-partir-a-laventure/

Judyth BABIN

Chargée de projets européens | European project manager