Wellbeing & Eco Health Destination Branding

Case Studies focusing on Scandinavia, Slovenia Case Study Scandinavia, Wellbeing Re-Branding Campaign https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265459662_Innovating_and_re-branding_Nordic_wellbeing_tourism Scandinavia Tells its Wellbeing Branding Story Through its Lifestyle Concepts  Some Scandinavian countries are consistently ranked as the happiest in the world and among the best places to live. The release of the 2019 World Happiness Report again confirms that the four Nordic countries […]

EPA Supporting Ecosystem Benefits of Green Space for Eco Health in Ireland

EPA Eco-Health Project and Eco-Health Research Report-Ecosystem Benefits of Greenspace for Health   Introduction to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland   The work of the EPA can be divided into three main areas: Regulation: The EPA implement effective regulation and environmental compliance systems to deliver good environmental outcomes and target those who don’t comply. Knowledge: Theye […]

Failte Ireland’s Approach to Wellbeing and Eco-health Tourism

Fáilte Ireland have recognised the potential of the wellness sector and developed a categorisation system and platform for health and wellness offerings in Ireland Since then, the health and wellness sector has developed into a highly significant area of both domestic and international tourism trade. Failte Ireland, Wellness Categorisation System http:\www.discoverireland.ie\wellness   Failte Ireland Developed a […]

GRASSROOTS Bringing Wellness, Eco Health and Quality of Life for Everyone

Welcome to one of the first international district for wellness and quality of life for everyone Case Study Wellness Valley, Romagna, Italy The Wellness Valley is the first international District for knowledge in Wellness and the Quality of Life and the first example of a Wellness Community in the world. Since 2003 Wellness Foundation has […]