Before you get too deep in thinking about ‘what’ you want to say in your story, you should take a step back and think about ‘why’ you are telling the story in the first place.

What is the future that you are trying to create through your work?

Many changemakers and impact organisations tell their stories from the outside in, getting caught up in the small details about what they are doing. But the most powerful leaders, organisations and movements gain traction by communicating a strong vision for the future, deeply embedded in their values, and rallying a community that shares that vision.

Sinek uses the ‘Golden Circle’ to drill deep into the ‘why’ story:
Why? This is the core belief of the cause, organisation or project. Why does this initiative exist?
How? This is how the cause organisation or project fulfills that core belief.
What? This is what the cause organisation or project does to fulfill that core belief