Xperiential, The Positive Tourism Podcast

The Xperiential podcast is an independent media created by François Huet (Vice-President of the Board of Directors of DéfisMed) which identifies the action levers necessary to rethink the current tourism model by meeting committed stakeholders. His goal ? “Elevate an engaged, unifying dialogue to redefine the meaning, responsibilities and actions of tourism that contributes positively to the health of the planet and humanity”.

Note: This podcast is in French only.

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Episode: Ecotourism in Action: Behind the Scenes of the Hackathon

Episode: Matera UNESCO Site

Episode: Internship Experience in Ecotourism

Episode: Discovering the Mauritian People

Episode : Inspiring Profiles of Ecotourism with Annabelle Gossein, Skander Zribi, and Jacques Chevin

Episode: Empowerment Beyond Limits with Lina Rossetti and Florian Vallet

Episode: Building the Future Together with Bernadette Soulard and Oualid Dellai

Episode: Exploring Ecotourism for a Sustainable Future with Jean Pierre Lamic

Episode: Exploring a Place Dedicated to Life with Rémy Roseau

Episode: Discovering Those Who Care for the Land and People in Colombia with Adrien Ruffino

Episode: At the Heart of a Virtuous Touristic Project Development in the Fayence Region with Mylène Reuter, Cassandra Ouazzar, and Xavier Bouniol

Episode: How Tourism Could Leave a Positive Legacy for Future Generations with Nicolas Pilcher

Episode: Discovering DefisMed with Eric Raulet

Episode: The Ultimate Client is the Planet with Claude Fussler

Episode: Gourmet Coffee with Francois Huet

For more information, visit: [François Huet’s website](https://francoishuet.net/)

This podcast is in French and produced by Xperientiel, the podcast of the positive tourism

Smartlink : https://audmns.com/GnXinSC

Language: French

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