Youth in Europe: Effects of Covid-19 on their Economic and Social Situation

This study looks at how the long-term repercussions of the pandemic for young people required an in-depth understanding of the multifaceted and uneven socio-economic impacts across regions in the EU, as well as of the pre-crisis situation and structural weaknesses. This is all the more important against the backdrop of an accelerating transition to a green and more digitalised economy.

Geneva Environment Network

The Geneva Environment Network (GEN) is a cooperative partnership of more than 100 environmental and sustainable development organizations based at the International Environment House in Geneva and at other locations in the surrounding region. Established in 1999, GEN organizes events and promotes awareness of environmental issues. The Secretariat is supported by the

Eco-Health Farm Network (EHFN), Latvia

The Eco-Health Farm Network (EHFN) supports small-scale producers in rural Latvia to integrate organic farming practices, health services, environmental preservation, and educational tourism into their work. As a knowledge-sharing network, the EHFN aims to help its members become economically and environmentally sustainable through capacity-building activities enabling them to develop healthy and productive lifestyles. It also helps to disseminate their approach and benefits across local, national and international communities by selling high-quality healthy food, delivering a variety of health treatments, organizing educational sessions about farming, health and nature, and receiving tourists on their farms

Interview with Dafina Peci, Executive Director at National Youth Congress of Albania – Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

Tirana EYC 2022 was the first program under the ‘’European Youth Capital’’ title which extended to the entire Albanian territory. From the very beginning of the application phase, the National Youth Congress of Albania aimed and encouraged various projects and activities throughout the entire country to leave no one behind and to ensure that this amazing opportunity would benefit all youth. Being the European Youth Capital meant being given a chance to manifest the youth potential in the city and country, and not only taking chances but creating them for new avenues of youth engagement and empowerment».

Eco anxiety: Supporting Young People to Navigate the Climate Crisis

Research has shown that nearly half of young people report feeling distressed or anxious about climate change in a way that affects their daily lives. Hosted during COP27, this 90-minute webinar will take a look at what eco-anxiety is and how the youth work sector can support young people to manage the emotional toll that climate change has on their mental health. Guest speakers will highlight how the sector can empower young people to build resilience and turn feelings of overwhelm into hope and positive social action. The event is open to young people and youth workers from across Scotland and is run as part of the Our Bright Future project.